Temporary VIP Assistant, Frieze New York

Temporary VIP Assistant, Frieze New York, May 2017

I saw the post on NYFA and applied online. There was one on-site interview with the HR person, and it was fairly easy. Her name is Michelle and she is very easy to talk to and down-to-earth.

Frieze hired approximately 150 temp staff for the fair, and therefore the assignment mostly depends on your interest and schedule. I do notice that some more polished staff were assigned to positions like VIP lounge assistance.

Due to my schedule, I did not work on-site but rather worked at a hotel with 2 more temp staff and one full-time staff to hand out VIP cards 2 days before the fair, as well as the press cards. The job is fairly simple if you have experience with VIPs or any client-facing experience. A few clients can be tough as they would like some upgrades or got the wrong information. The position does require some conflict-resolution skills.

The supervisors are really nice and happy to help you out, as temp staff you are obligated (and should not) make any decisions for anything.

My only neural-to-negative feedback is that since the project is sooo big, there are some miscommunications between the staff and their agencies and the temp staff. Nothing major, but it could have been better.

Pay is really good for a temp position in the industry – $18.75 per hour.

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