Gallery Assistant, a major auction house

Gallery Assistant, a major auction house, March 2016 – Current (Oct 2016)

A friend whom I previously interned with introduced me.

I was first assigned the Asia Week client registration position, which was pretty intense. I took clients’ information and assisted them with getting a paddle or leaving a bid. I learned a lot at this client-facing position, gaining a tremendous amount of confidence especially in terms of my communication skills. Other tasks include researching incoming auction estimate requests, gallery sitting, and coordinating with specialists and art handlers to accommodate clients’ viewing needs.

Likes: big name, quick turn-around for viewings/exhibitions, always exciting space, people are smart and diligent, generally very nice atmosphere in the client service department. Dislikes: some corporate practices are still on the more traditional side. It could really use some more tech innovation and more freedom on the digital platform. Also, no VISA.

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